Despite being only 25, she is notable for being the first female bus driver in her town…

Diana, who is only 25 years old, has achieved her goals by ensuring that her children serve as her source of motivation. She went so far as to drive trailers in Saltillo.

Diana Mejia Bautista has received a warm welcome at the station despite being the first woman to operate a bus between Torreón and San Pedro. The company, which belongs to the González family, is located in the center of San Pedro on Hidalgo Avenue between Gómez Faras and Alianza Streets.

This is not the woman’s first time driving a big vehicle; she claims to have been driving a business bus for a week.

She had previously worked at a trailer line in Saltillo, Coahuila. I was born and raised in the San Felipe Ejido in the municipality of San Pedro, Coahuila, and I’m 25 years old. She toiled day in and day out for my kids, who serve as both my flywheel and my engine.

Rafael, my infant, Romina, who is four years old, and Donaban, who is eight and in first grade, are all enrolled in preschool. She says, “I divorced my husband, but I’m moving forward for them.” She claims she enjoys driving.

Since January 2022, Diana has been learning the principles of driving trailers from her ex-husband, who is also a trailer driver. This has allowed Diana to start her professional career. Later on, her brother Jess Iván would continue to educate her: «When I got my federal license, I went into a group of trailers in Saltillo and stayed there for six months.

The distance and the fact that I hardly saw my kids were the main factors in my choice to move, she claims. I accepted the job at the San Pedro Bus Terminal when they placed a job listing. When I arrived, they were already finishing up the exams.

She continues, “I’m fortunate to be the first woman engaged by this firm as an operator. She claims that the workplace is wonderful and that her employees respect her.

When they arrive at their destination, the passengers who board the bus eventually applaud her for her performance in spite of their initial shock and even mistrust.

What else is there for me to say than thanking God, my parents, Santa Laura and Ruperto, who have always been there for me, Grupo González, and Juan González in particular, for the chance.

I appreciate all of your warm sentiments. Like I said before, desire is power, and women are capable of anything.

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Despite being only 25, she is notable for being the first female bus driver in her town…
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