The Met Gala 2023 after-party refused to let Kylie Jenner in, so she was compelled to leave…

The May 1–2 Met Costume Institute Gala will be remembered not just for the intriguing attire worn on the track, but also for the shockingly honest attire that the celebrities wore to the after-party.

In a black maxi that resembled a tuxedo, Kylie Jenner, who loves spicy looks, stood out against the backdrop of many other celebrities.

The reality show star, however, was not permitted to attend the party itself, as the journalists discovered recently.

According to Page Six reporters, they managed to catch Kylie as she was leaving the after-party hosted by Richie Akiva, Doja Cat, and Diddy at the Box Club.

Jenner never entered. She was not permitted entry. The entrance was closed at one time because there were too many people inside, according to insiders who spoke with media.

Others insist that circumstances were slightly different.

Kylie, in their opinion, was a welcome visitor at the celebration. No one was prepared for her earlier than anticipated arrival, though.

Jenner requested to be led to Kendall by way of the rear entrance. Together with her boyfriend Bad Bunny, she attended the after-party.

They arrived, nevertheless, considerably sooner, and were virtually in the middle of the horde.

Although she was asked to wait, she exited the vehicle much too soon. The event’s planners were so unable to hold it.

Furthermore, Kylie herself had no desire to continue attending such a crowded party. She is not at all a fan of such large gatherings and crowds. She actually doesn’t like clubs,” the insiders said.

By the way, when reporters talk about a large group of individuals, they are not at all exaggerating.

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The Met Gala 2023 after-party refused to let Kylie Jenner in, so she was compelled to leave…
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