Emma Watson explained why she didn’t appear in movies for five years…

Different things have happened to the actors who played the lead roles in the well-known film saga.

Rupert Grint followed in Daniel Radcliffe’s footsteps in the acting world. But Emma Watson, whose successful projects for the rest of her life were predicted by critics, worked behind the scenes.

Since 2018, the actress has shied away from shooting. Although Little Women was a commercial success and won an Oscar, the actress’s mood was still affected by it.

Recently, Emma had dissatisfaction since the filmmakers ignored her idea of the heroines.

“I felt as though I were caged. Journalists always questioned me about my thoughts on my heroines during movie premieres. It was difficult to advocate for a project over which I had no voting rights, so I wasn’t sure what to say to them, she said in an interview with the Financial Times.

The actress continued, saying that she now only wanted to talk about projects that would benefit her personally.

“And if they criticize me, I can say without self-hatred — yes, I failed, it was my decision, I am capable of more,” said Emma.

Do not be alarmed; Emma does not give up acting.

She made the decision to only take on roles going forward that would showcase her ability. And she will fulfill a long-held desire in her spare time after filming.

The actress remarked, “People always told me that I should direct and produce, even when I starred in Harry Potter,” adding that she was already working on a music video for a well-known musician, whose name was never made public.

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Emma Watson explained why she didn’t appear in movies for five years…
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