Despite making thousands of dollars, the man appears to be homeless because…

The humbleness of the Malaysian man, Habil, won over the hearts of everyone. The young man does not indulge in expensive purchases or give in to his impulses, despite the fact that he works.

The young man even makes an effort to restrict his food intake. He stays at the office to prepare lunch for himself rather than leaving with his coworkers for lunch.

One day, Habil’s supervisor, Azri Walter, took note of him. After a long day at work, the man had to go back to the office and noticed that the light was on.

Naturally, the firm’s employees had already departed their positions, so the boss started to wonder what was going on. The chief peered under one of the tables and saw a shadow. Although a chill ran down his spine, he couldn’t help but be curious.

I heard somebody moving under the table after getting goosebumps, but I was curious to find out what it was.

Azri was shocked to discover one of his workers hunched over the rice cooker. Mr. Walter immediately began to question the man, thus Habil was forced to defend his actions. After admitting to his boss that he hadn’t eaten all day, the young man made some rice for himself.

The man was only mildly surprised by this information because the company employee made roughly a thousand Malaysian ringgits each week and could afford to buy food and not go hungry.

It was revealed throughout the chat that the youngster gives his mother practically all of the money he makes. Naturally, the mother does not ask her son for financial support, but Habil is powerless to stop her.

The young man’s mother finds it difficult to let the kids stand on their own because they have several younger siblings and sisters. Habil, the young man’s eldest son, had to start working at the age of 19 because his father passed away a few years prior.

The employee’s manager took him to a cafe after hearing his account. They had a pleasant conversation, and Azri picked up on Habil’s feelings for his mother.

The young man’s pay may have increased as a result, enabling him to assist his mother twice as much.

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