Triplets were born to the mother. They had two children seven years later:Look at what happened…

Helen and Oliver Baker, a husband and wife from Southampton in the English county of Hampshire, struggled for a very long time to conceive. The couple worried about fertility issues after a year of futile attempts, so they underwent a number of medical tests.

Helen started looking into IVF, a technique for artificial insemination, when the test results were inconsistent.The woman underwent her first IVF cycle in 2008; it was unsuccessful, as were the subsequent seven.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, a disorder that causes the ovaries to enlarge and become painful, was twice detected in Helen. A miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, and the need for fallopian tube removal were all experienced by Helen.

We are one of the many thousands of couples in the UK who were in despair after learning that natural conception was not feasible. I poured my heart and everything into it when the doctors told us that IVF was our only choice,” recounts Helen.

The couple had to sell their property to cover a £17,500 medical bill in order to pay for IVF. However, their efforts were finally successful after eight unsuccessful IVF cycles.

During the ninth round of IVF in May 2010, Helen got pregnant, and in February 2011 she gave birth to a son named Hugo. The couple chose to preserve the extra embryos so they may try for another child in the future. Seven years later, the mothers once more underwent the transfer of extra IVF embryos, and in August 2018, Helen and her husband welcomed their second child, a daughter named Coco, and a son named Monty.

The two brothers and their sister are considered triplets despite their different ages since they were conceived simultaneously using the same batch of eggs and sperm.

Hugo is currently 10 years old, and Monty and Coco are three years old. Helen claims that Monty and Hugo share a number of startling features, including the same dark eyes and hair. My mother says it’s similar to taking an actual trip in a time machine.

People claim that twins and triplets have an unbreakable bond. Siblings always share similarities, but their relationship is incredible.

People have said to me that Monty makes them feel like they’re looking back at the birth of my first child. And Monty is currently suffering from the same fascination with the Hulk that Hugo did in the past. Mom comments, “It seems like Hugo traveled via a time machine.

Helen is additionally taken aback by the way the oldest kid gets along with his younger sibling and brother. Hugo does a wonderful job playing the role of an older brother, despite the fact that typically kids his age are not very sociable with smaller kids, according to the mother.

I’d think that Hugo’s peers typically find their younger siblings annoying. My three children, though, are very close to one another. Hugo always takes three apples out of the apple cupboard at once. Additionally, Monty recently collapsed and called Hugo—not me. Hugo truly supports them, adds Helen.

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Triplets were born to the mother. They had two children seven years later:Look at what happened…
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