Here is how famous artist Celentano’s family looks like today…

Here is Celentano’s lovely family, which includes his wife, the actress Mori, and three kids.

It is difficult to overstate A. Celentano’s importance to the worlds of music and movies.

The amazing performer was not only millions of people’s favorite actor, but also a wonderful artist.

The legendary man’s personal life is not well known.

He has three children with C. Mori, with whom he is happily married.


The famous couple’s eldest kid was born in 1965. Her artistic upbringing led her to explore careers as an actor, singer, and TV host. She deserved to be labeled talented even if she was born to a famous couple.


The legendary Italian movie star’s son, who was born in 1966, also followed a career in music. He used the alias Gabriel to record his own CD. He took a sabbatical because of his illness, but he soon came back.


She is the youngest of three children and was born in 1968. She decided to pursue a career as an actress and singer, following in the footsteps of her brilliant siblings and parents.

Her recent admission that she finds both men and women attractive sparked debates.

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Here is how famous artist Celentano’s family looks like today…
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