This homeless man was continuously writing something and finally…

An old homeless man spent 35 years creating poems and short stories in his life’s backyard.

Raimundo Arruda Sobrino would sit under his improvised canopy every day and write nonstop. He envisioned the day when his works—stories, writings, and ideas—would be published and available for others to read.

But in 2011, his life was transformed as a result of Raimundo’s friendship with Shalla. She couldn’t help but notice that the tramp continued to scribble on tiny pieces of paper while holding onto his pencil and pen for a minute. He also presented her one of his poems in some way.

The woman’s spirit was touched by the old man’s handiwork, and she went on to start a Facebook page where she shared his creations with the world. Shalla and Raimundo had no idea where it would ultimately end up. The elderly man felt a true buzz of admiration and encouragement.

He was sought out by the villagers, who showered him with gifts and so many compliments that he couldn’t help but be moved.

The most miraculous event, however, occurred later when Raimundo’s brother, from whom he had been estranged for a long time and with whom he had no contact, discovered him on social media.

The man was brought to this brother. It found out that he had been hiding a kind and extremely attractive elderly guy under the look of a tramp all these years when he cleaned himself up for the first time in 35 years.

Now that he has a home, he is loved by his loved ones and his admirers.

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