The 86-year-old woman stunned everybody with her natural appearance and taste…

We are delighted to introduce to you Daphne Selfe, the oldest model in the world and a wonderful Englishwoman. Daphne still puts in a lot of effort, enjoys her work, and still performs in shows at the age of 86.

Her graceful features and slim body are not the result of a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. Daphne is entirely authentic, and the fashion industry particularly values and adores her for this.

She is not at all ashamed of her age and does not try to seem younger despite being the grandmother of four grandchildren. She doesn’t, for instance, colour her hair. The model’s opulent silver mop of hair makes her stand out.

Daphne takes good care of herself, goes for a lot of walks, plants flowers in her yard, and does yoga. She never gets tired of thanking her parents in practically every interview for their amazing genes, healthy nutrition, and the key of her beauty.

Daphne is also a great optimist who always hopes for the best in life. All of the fashion designers and photographers who have worked with her agree that she is charming, upbeat, intelligent, and easy to communicate with.

She lives by the maxim “Do not lose curiosity, positive attitude, and live a healthy life.” Daphne started modeling at the age of 50—that’s right, 20.

She was invited to the presentations of top fashion designers, complimented for her classic features, large eyes, gorgeous hair, and physique, and posed for the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. She had previously thought that the 1950s were the peak of the modeling industry.

We were all naive, and the costumes were so adorable, remembers Daphne. Her career experienced a hiatus after a few decades, but at the start of the twenty-first century, Daphne was “discovered” once more when the Red or Dead brand asked her to take part in fashion presentations.

Daphne’s grace and beauty caught everyone’s attention, and she ended up representing the “grandmother’s chic” fashion trend. Daphne is a petite model who is only 170 cm tall. Many young women can only wish they had her measurements, which are 86-70-90.

Daphne has seen several fashion revolutions over her career, but she has also managed to create her own, slightly irreverent and sophisticated style.

It is described as “chic funk” by the speaker, who asserts that “a sense of style only comes with age.” We can only concur with this regarding Daphne.

We do not see a woman with almost a century behind her shoulders when we look at Daphne. We observe vitality, grace, humor, and sparkling eyes. This is so lovely!

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The 86-year-old woman stunned everybody with her natural appearance and taste…
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