A single mother cut her hair short, but not for fashion’s sake. Here is why…

For many years, Prema Selvan of India toiled alongside her husband at a brick kiln and made barely enough money to support their young family of three sons.

The woman’s spouse obtained a loan to launch his own business since they want more. The man’s intentions, however, were never going to materialize, and he was left penniless and without a business.

Prema’s spouse committed suicide and voluntarily passed away after realizing he would not be able to pay back the debt taken, leaving his wife to handle the issues alone.

In order to pay off all of her bills and provide for her children, the Indian mother had to hunt for extra sources of income. She even made enough money for a while to survive on 200 rupees every day.

Every day I received 200 rupees when I reported for work. The family had had with this.

Mother and children’s tranquility was brief. Selvan’s health was harmed by a demanding lifestyle, moving from job to job, and having children. She was unable to perform her duties for three months and was left jobless, which had an impact on her sons, who started to go hungry.

I had a fever and was unable to leave the house in bricks. Kaliappan, my son who is seven, would scream and beg for food as he arrived home from school.

Prema started to consider how she should continue to live as she tried to find a solution to her predicament. She didn’t have any items, jewelry, or kitchenware to sell, but all of a sudden she recalled a hair salon.

I went to the store where the natives used to sell their hair since I could recall where they used to buy it.

The young mother received barely 150 rupees from businesspeople for a head of hair. Although it was less than Prema had anticipated, it was still enough to buy some food, specifically three boxes of rice. Selvan was able to feed the kids, but soon hunger struck the family once more, and this time the wife was helpless.

Prema evaluated her options and came to the local pharmacy in an effort to find and beg for money that would aid her, follow her husband, and die. A watchful pharmacist spotted the customer’s annoyance. He requested that she leave the trade floor after evaluating Selvan’s situation and speculating about her motivations.

Prema was fortunate that the drugstore turned her down since the family quickly obtained the assistance they so desperately needed. Bala Murugan, the proprietor of a nearby computer graphics shop, became aware of Selvan’s tale. In his early years, the man also had financial needs, experienced hunger and hardship, and witnessed his single mother’s anguish.

Bala decided to tell Prema about his success after two years of putting in a lot of effort to assist him get back on his feet. The businessperson got in touch with the woman, gave her money so she could provide for her family, and then set up a fundraiser to help her.

Even though Selvan requested that the collection be stopped, Murugan was able to amass 120 thousand rupees. According to him, Selvan was in seventh heaven when she learned how many wonderful people had supported her.

She promised to return to work and pay off all of her bills on her own.

In addition, Bala informed reporters that he was always willing to assist a woman in getting a job and resolving her problems. Because Prema is illiterate, she has few employment options.

The Indian woman is confident that she would be able to repay the remainder of her husband’s loan because of the man’s assistance, which allowed her to survive.

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A single mother cut her hair short, but not for fashion’s sake. Here is why…
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