This woman is 66 and she shares her secret to staying young…

This woman has never regretted virtually dedicating half of her life to a raw food diet. Karin has lived by her ideals for more than 25 years, not so much for the sake of appearance and beauty as for the desire to live.

In actuality, none of the Karin family’s mothers lived to age 60. After taking in everything, the woman made the decision to alter her way of life.

Currently, she owns Karyn’s Fresh Corner in Chicago, a restaurant whose menu is founded on the same ideas.

Furthermore, Karin is her own best customer and a walking billboard for her company. She also imparts courses on fasting and physical purification. Additionally, a woman recently started a second vegan eatery.

Karin is obviously proud of the fact that her business is among the oldest in the nation. She is certain that encouraging healthy eating and guiding individuals in the proper direction are necessary.

She exclusively uses dryers in her catering; there is no meat, fish, fowl, or dairy products. The cuisine, however, is unaffected by this: there are pancakes, peppers with rice, and turnip ravioli with macadamia “cheese”. Even ice cream is available for fans of raw foods.

When most people think of a raw food diet, they picture lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. This won’t go you very far, as Karin has learned from experience. She also enjoys food a lot.

In this sense, she enjoys fine food. Karin intends to expand the vegetarian menu to include “sausage” pizza. There won’t be any meat there, of course, but the hostess came up with the recipe for this replacement. Even cheeseburgers were just prepared at her home.

Karin didn’t become a vegan overnight. She had a severe illness. Numerous allergies and poor skin. Her mother once instructed her to drink carrot juice. And the girl’s energy level started to rise. Karin then developed a passion for juices.

She also feels terrible sympathy for animals. She explains her opposition to meat in this way. According to the woman, becoming a vegetarian over time inspires creativity and makes one highly innovative.

She has a gift for cooking. She is most passionate about and strongest at this. And anything a person invests their spirit in is destined for success. At 65, she is content.

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