The world is motivated by this woman’s example. She is more than just a mother to several kids…

How do you picture an eight-child mother who has several children? We believe that a housewife of about 40 years old, who is enmeshed in familial issues and worries and has little time left for herself, exists in the mind.

She probably doesn’t work since she has to play with the kids all day long. Oh, and she probably appears very normal given that having eight children has to have an impact on her appearance.

However, the case of a Californian woman by the name of Alice Welch shows different. It’s just hard to imagine that an attractive and successful businesswoman could also be a mother to eight kids.

At the age of twenty, Alice Welch gave birth to her first kid. Since then, she has pleased her family with fresh additions every year or two.

Nevertheless, she maintains a fantastic appearance and manages to run her side company, creating stunning custom photo portraits, in addition to caring for her family.

Alice always appears happy and upbeat, although she frequently struggles with kids.

“I have a lot of work in the kitchen, a lot of diapers, and mounds of laundry every day. Do you believe I can manage everything?I enjoy and find satisfaction in living a simple life and doing whatever comes next. All worries and fears go at the same time. I just have complete faith in my hubby and kids.

This enables me to maintain my composure and focus more effectively on my personal matters,” Alice says of her experience. Alice thanks the Lord for all the amazing experiences she has had in life because she was born into a family of priests.

For her, the concept of “faith” is more than just a buzzword; she works hard every day to improve.

“Every evening I ask myself the same question: Did I live this day with love?” says Alice in her statement.

Have you shown your loved ones your love in the same way that the Creator has shown it to us? This is the only thing that truly matters, after all.

“This story’s heroine can serve as an inspiration for good deeds, as she did. After all, caring for and loving eight children is already a difficult task.

And if everyone lived by Alice Welch’s ideals, the world would be a lot nicer and better place.

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The world is motivated by this woman’s example. She is more than just a mother to several kids…
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