This driver lost more than a 100 pounds and here is how different he looks today!

During the day, a driver from Rochester, England, frequently consumed sandwiches and fast food from petrol stations, where he, as one can logically suppose, was a frequent visitor, according to Metro.

Carl Prodrick worked as a driver for a large car company, but he never made arrangements to eat healthy and proper food.

After working for a while, the man observed that he started to gain weight. Each month, he continued to gain weight, physically growing before his eyes.

At the same time, Karl’s daughter Ruby, whom he frequently removed from kindergarten, was growing up. The newborn was the catalyst for the driver to change his way of life.

Every time I go to get Ruby, her pals and girlfriends give me wide-eyed looks. I realized that to them, I was simply a gigantic behemoth.

Karl realized that his daughter would soon be entering elementary school, where her new peers might not be as supportive of an obese father.

You are aware of kids. To hurt someone, they will hunt for any opening. I didn’t want to be the cause, not at all. I made the conscious decision to take no action that would arm the haters since, in general, I would not want anyone to offend her.

Although Ruby herself never informed me of my weight, I was well informed. Being a “fat dad” was something I wanted to avoid.

The man quickly followed through on his promise to change his diet and join a gym, getting down to business.

The outcome was better than he could have imagined; in just 10 months, Karl shed 63 kg. However, Rudy’s father felt that this was insufficient and opted to undergo a gastric bypass, which allowed him to lose an additional 57 kilos.

Carl has been working out five times a week ever then, and he even made the decision to run the London Half Marathon to raise money for cancer research.

I’m sick and tired of leading a sedentary lifestyle, so I no longer want to work as a driver. I merely moved around and ate a lot. My weakness was chips, which I could consume several packs of each day.

Without Rudy, I’m not sure whether I would have decided to change because I didn’t experience any health problems. Food is now merely fuel for me.

The most important aspect is that Karl’s weight-loss method is accurate and pleasant.

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This driver lost more than a 100 pounds and here is how different he looks today!
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