Tom Hanks had a weird hobby and he would always do it during…

Tom Hanks, an actor who not only won the hearts of the audience for many memorable roles but also amassed a number of nicknames, one of which is connected to the performer’s habit of giving complete strangers a few memorable minutes in the roles of Forrest Gump and Professor Langdon, turns 67 on July 9.

The actor refers to himself as a “wedding-breaker,” which is how the journalists have labeled him. Mr. Hanks is the “destroyer” of the wedding because he enters the scene, enters the frame, and makes jokes with the newlyweds.

And he continues to beautify the memories and photos of everyone who was a part of the weddings.

Hanks initially “participated” in the wedding ceremony in 2008 while “Angels and Demons” was being filmed in Rome. The Pantheon, a Catholic church, was surrounded by a filming location that day, preventing the approaching wedding procession from entering.

The actor felt bad when he saw the wedding limousine. so chose to lead the bride and her father to the altar by leading them across the set.

Since that time, Tom Hanks has started to “collect” weddings when he unexpectedly showed up as an uninvited but nevertheless welcome guest. The bride’s unique outfit and the bridesmaids’ matching dresses make it easy to locate the wedding environment.

Hanks can stop his run, take a trip around the city, or just use the pause between shooting sequences to take in the wonder of the wedding attendees and the newlyweds themselves.

In addition, Tom Hanks can already take pride in performing various wedding rituals, in addition to the picture with the bride and groom.

The actor once “participated” in a wedding picture shoot while filming in Pittsburgh, and soon after, Krisna Poznik, a local, sent him an invitation.

She requested that Hanks officiate at the union of her and her civil partner. True, there were also amusing instances where the actor went unnoticed; for instance, when his actions infuriated an old woman who thought it was impolite.

And what do you think of the famous actor’s humorous act? How about meeting him on your big day?

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Tom Hanks had a weird hobby and he would always do it during…
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