Just look at them!Grandpa is having a full conversation with his adorable baby granddaughter.

Grandfathers adore their grandchildren, and one grandfather conversed totally in baby talk with his granddaughter. It was a conversation that only the two of them could understand.

They appeared to be in the grandfather’s office. He leaned back in his comfortable chair, his gaze fixed on his granddaughter. She was wearing a lovely gown and stood tall.

There was a lot of back and forth between them as they spoke nonsense. The newborn girl was continually moving her hands and arms, and her grandfather was doing the same.

It appeared that a lot of waving was also necessary for speaking the baby’s language. Grandpa was grinning and chuckling a lot, although it could have been because of anything his granddaughter said.

Both of their eyes flashed with realization. They didn’t say a single comprehensible word, yet it was evident they were making their points. The little girl had an interesting story to tell.

The granddaughter seemed to weave a beautiful story with her many expressions and emotions. She was smiling, then disgusted, and at one point began smacking the floor.

Then both grandfather and grandchild began pointing to something on the wall. She wasn’t surprised that her grandfather understood what she was saying. They were most likely constantly conversing with one another.

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