Newborn twins fight over a pacifier, with hilarious results.

Newborn babies can bring joy and happiness into your life. Their innocent smiles can brighten anyone’s day, and their sorrows can make anyone sad. However, if you have twin babies at home, your joy immediately doubles.

Twin babies not only appear alike, but they also argue about insignificant issues. A video of twin babies fighting over a pacifier went viral recently. The twins were laying next to each other, a pacifier in one of their mouths.

The baby with the pacifier sucked at it calmly. At the same moment, the other twin furiously moved his hands, trying to get the pacifier into his mouth. Finally, he sobbed briefly and attempted to remove the pacifier from his twin brother’s lips. Unfortunately, this caused the twin baby with the pacifier to protest.

The second twin managed to slip a piece of the pacifier into his mouth, causing his twin brother to lose it totally. He started crying again, and this time the other twin sucked contentedly on the other end of the pacifier.

Babies like sucking on many objects, such as their thumbs or fingers. Their strong sucking reflex is the explanation for this behaviour. Sucking aids in relaxation and has a relaxing influence on their thoughts.

Many experts believe that using a pacifier to help babies suck can be both beneficial and detrimental. It can be used as a temporary distraction to keep a baby from crying after receiving shots. Pacifiers can also help babies ignore any discomfort while flying.

However, there are some disadvantages to using a pacifier. The use of a pacifier, for example, may interfere with breastfeeding. Furthermore, prolonged use of pacifiers may result in dental problems. Pacifiers for babies should thus be used sparingly during emergencies.

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Newborn twins fight over a pacifier, with hilarious results.
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