In this adorable video, a mountain lion comes across a swing and plays with it like a big kitty.

The big cat had been resting in the area for two days before noticing that the swing had moved. The game was then on.

We enjoy seeing pets, particularly kittens, playing with their toys.

These adorable videos are all over our social media platforms.

Have you ever seen a lion play?
A camera captured one mountain lion swinging at night in this video.

Mountain Lion’s Clan
Mountain lions, also known as cougars, pumas, or catamounts, are more closely related to domestic cats than to any other lion subspecies, according to Project Cayote.

Cougars are a versatile and adaptable species.

It can be found in almost every type of American habitat. It has the most extensive range of any large wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

This mountain lion may be considered a member of the cat family. Maybe that’s why they’re so amusing.

This lion has just laid down.
This mountain lion decided to rest and sleep next to this swing after a fight for food.

A familiar cat
According to the uploader of the video, this lion is one of a pack of three lions that had been hanging out a month before in their neighborhood.

But after 2 days, the lion realized that the swing moves.

The lion was shocked.
You can see in this photo how surprised the lion was once the swing started to, well, swing.

Like a large kitty
The lion began to play the swing after noticing that it was moving.

Curiosity kills the cat, but in this video, we can argue that it makes the cat happy.

With over 708k views, we can safely say that people enjoy seeing the playful nature of wild animals such as this mountain lion.

Some followers expressed surprise at seeing a lion playing in the wild.

Another person mentioned that he came across some mountain lions while hiking and that they are friendly animals.

So, let’s hope these lions weren’t hungry.

A baby abandoned
According to the description on YouTube, this kitten was abandoned by her mother.

Her first hunt and kill was most likely a deer nearby.

Her right cheek is swollen from the fight, as you can see.

According to a National Geographic article, a typical mountain lion mother stays tucked into her den with her litter of up to five kittens for the first ten days after giving birth.

She purrs almost constantly in order to communicate with her babies, who open their eyes around a week old.

The family leaves the den together when the spotted, sharp-toothed kittens are about six weeks old, according to the study.

While their mother hunts, the kittens follow her, initially struggling to keep up.

To hunt alone, she frequently hides them near a kill scene. When they can keep up, they usually stick together.

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In this adorable video, a mountain lion comes across a swing and plays with it like a big kitty.
“I gave money to a begging grandmother and followed her to see where she went. What I witnessed left me speechless…”