Cat was missing for nearly a week.But what he did after his surprise return will make you go ‘wow’!

A missing cat was reunited with her family in Long Island, New York, when her owners used the doorbell camera and called out for “mom.”

Stefanie Whitley and her family lost their pet cat after only two weeks on Mastic Beach. Whitley stated that Lily is an indoor-outdoor cat that is unfamiliar with her new surroundings and has been missing for about a week.

“Having her missing for days was incredibly worrisome, especially knowing that she always answers,” Whitley added. “When you call her name, she appears out of nowhere.” This time, however, things were different. When she was gone, it felt like an eternity.”

Lilly the grey cat

Whitley describes Lilly as having a clear personality. “She wants affection when she wants it.” “And if she doesn’t, don’t touch her,” she added.

Whitley and her family searched for Lily for days before giving up hope of ever finding their missing cat. On a Sunday night, though, they received the surprise of their lives when their beloved cat returned home.

Her fiancé Efrain Leandry was watching TV with their five children while she was tidying up in the kitchen. They were all taken aback when the ring cam notice flashed on all of their devices, including the TV.

Lilly relaxes on her bed

Lily had been on their porch, meowing loudly to catch their attention. They were all stunned and exclaimed, “Oh my God, Lilly!” “The notification appeared, and it showed Lily’s face. “She yelled as she reached up to touch the camera,” Whitley explained.

Another thing that surprised them was the way she meowed. She sounded like she was imitating the kids’ “mom” calls.

“The kids thought it was hilarious since her meow sounded like ‘Mom.’ “You could tell the difference between it and a regular meow,” Whitley said.

Lilly meows at the doorbell camera

They all laughed and ran to the door to get their lovely cat back. Lily excitedly rushed inside the house, looking secure and relieved.

“She always returns in the same manner. She climbs the fence in front of the camera and begins meowing for me.”

Whitley is really proud of Lilly for returning home. She is also convinced that the cat understands how to activate the doorbell camera because she has continued to use it after their reunion. “She walks to the door or to the window every time the doorbell camera goes off,”

Whitley revealed that they are a blended family who all adore animals. Lilly holds a particular place in their hearts because they adopted her as a kitten.

A firefighter rescued her and took her to a local veterinary clinic before she became a member of Whitley’s family eight years ago.

Lilly sleeping peacefully

Lilly’s video has received a lot of attention online and has amazed many people, particularly pet lovers. Her footage was initially uploaded on the Ring Neighborhood app.

The short-haired gray cat tries to trigger her family’s doorbell camera outside the house in the footage. She meows incessantly until someone comes to the door to see her.

“We’ve been watching the news, which has been showing her video. “You should see her expression when she watches herself on TV,” Whitley remarked. “We wouldn’t have known she was there if it hadn’t been for the notification that night,” she continued.

Lilly looking outside

This experience did not only prove that cats are clever animals and that new technologies can help in many different situations. They can help save people and animals and can be used in cases of emergency.

This is also why Whitley encouraged other pet owners to install a doorbell camera and to not easily give up when their pets go missing.

To see Lilly’s endearing effort to return home, watch this video:

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Cat was missing for nearly a week.But what he did after his surprise return will make you go ‘wow’!
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