A 72-year-old couple is still in love and has discovered the secret to happiness.

One 72-year-married couple shares their secrets to a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Kenneth and Faye Babin have been married for 72 years, and their love story has recently gained widespread attention on the internet. Jalee, their granddaughter, began sharing videos of the two of them on TikTok, and their lovely love captured the hearts of people worldwide!

And Faye, 93, and Kenneth, 95, discussed their love and the importance of a strong marriage.

“He was handsome, and he sang and played the guitar, so it was extremely romantic,” Faye said of her husband, smiling.

“When I was depressed or upset, I’d ask him, ‘Could I have a hug?’ or ‘May I have a kiss?'” And he enthusiastically accepted!” She burst out laughing. Faye discussed the importance of physical intimacy to both her and Kenneth.

The couple also emphasizes the importance of open communication and never letting disagreements fester. “We always discussed it,” Faye remarked.

Laughter and friendship, as well as shared interests, were important to the couple.

“We liked to laugh,” Faye explained. “We played cards, dominoes, and standard poker.” I had never thought about divorce before. Murder, a couple of times, but…” Faye laughed cynically.

And Kenneth mentioned how important dedication was to the success of their marriage.

“We never thought about murdering each other; it was always the other way around.” “We’ll keep in touch,” he said.

What a lovely relationship these two have! Faye and Kenneth know how to keep a marriage joyful and healthy after decades of marriage. God bless this wonderful couple!

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A 72-year-old couple is still in love and has discovered the secret to happiness.
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