A Navy SEAL bids a tearful farewell to his senior K9 partner.

Mike Ritland, the founder of Trikos International, recently shared a post on his social media account. A Navy SEAL and a dog were featured in his post. The Navy SEAL had his face on the dog’s neck, which was resting on an American flag pillow.

K9 Dog and Navy SEAL

The dog’s name was Carlos, and the Navy SEAL on the post’s handler and owner was Mike Mike. Carlos served in Afghanistan and was part of a long line of warrior dogs. Carlos and other military dogs ensured their safety while on a military mission.

Because of their missions in other countries, military dogs frequently suffer from psychological issues. They are constantly exposed to chaotic and stressful environments, which causes them to feel traumatized. When these service dogs fail to perform their duties, they are put down. Through their Warrior Dog Foundation, Ritland’s company would frequently try to save as many dogs as possible.

K9 Dog

After the war, the Military Police Corps took over the training of military dogs. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 500 dog teams serving in various combat zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. One of these dogs was Carlos. He was fortunate enough to be able to return to civilian life.

The Navy SEALs draped the US flag around Carlos’s body to honor his service to his country. This flag was carried by Mike and Carlos on every mission. However, there was still some Afghan dirt on the fabric.

K9 Dog

Carlos was properly farewelled with his favorite treats. During his final rites, his favorite people were also present. Finally, the faithful dog got his favorite steak before passing away.

When it came time to say goodbye to Carlos, Mike and his fellow Navy SEALs were overcome with emotion. While he was alive, he did his best for his country and was always by his handler’s side.

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A Navy SEAL bids a tearful farewell to his senior K9 partner.
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