A 100-year-old veteran responds best to a stranger who invites him to Disneyland.

Isaiah Garza was a young man who understood how difficult some people’s lives could be. He grew up in poverty and understood what it was like to be homeless. Garza, now an LA-based designer and public speaker, has always believed that he could make others’ lives better and possibly inspire others to succeed. Recently, the designer made a 100-year-old veteran’s day brighter.

Garza’s career took off after Rihanna was photographed wearing one of his designs in a French magazine. Garza’s design business was thriving, allowing him to earn a large sum of money with which he could brighten people’s days.

He even shared the not-so-random act of kindness with his friends and followers online in order to inspire others to be generous. Garza, for example, recently invited a 100-year-old veteran, William Goode, to a trip to Disneyland. Goode, who had thought his life was coming to an end, was overcome with joy. He could never think of a stranger inviting him to one of the most beautiful places.

The 100-year-old veteran from South Gate had never expected to embark on such an adventure. This was made possible, however, thanks to Goode’s caretaker, Nelva Agular. She saw an ad on Craigslist for a senior citizen looking for a paid job.

She called Garza and told him about Goode. However, the designer specifically instructed Agular not to discuss the advertisement with the senior person. Instead, he requested that she transport Goode to a nearby park. Garza approached Goode in the park and told him he had a bad day and wanted to see if he wanted to go to Disneyland with him.

Goode was taken aback when he discovered a stranger willing to drive him to Disneyland. As a result, he inquired, “Would you really take me?” He couldn’t believe what was going on. Goode later stated that he had not been on a ride in over 50 years. Nonetheless, the two of them had a fantastic trip.

Garza was overjoyed that he could make Goode laugh. This trip marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two strangers. When asked about his adventure trip, Goode said, “I’d remember that trip for the rest of my life.” Garza had decided to make a bucket list with Goode and complete it one by one with him.

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A 100-year-old veteran responds best to a stranger who invites him to Disneyland.
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