Corgi pulls the most creative Halloween prank on her cousins.

Halloween is one of those holidays that promises a good time for everyone. Everyone enjoys the season with their loved ones, whether they are children, adults, or pets, and Topi the Corgi was one of them.

Topi wanted to go trick-or-treating with his Chihuahua cousins, Maxi and Ella, on Halloween. So, with the devil’s trident in his mouth, he trotted to their house. The cousins let him in after he rang the doorbell. Topi was captivated by the Halloween decorations in their home.

They soon went around the neighborhood together, trick-or-treating the neighbors. They returned home after collecting plenty of treats in their Jack-o-Lantern-shaped basket. They started eating the treats and watching cartoons on TV. Suddenly, the house’s vintage radio began to make some noises.

In surprise, the three dogs came to a halt and stared at the radio. They heard a peal of faraway witch-like laughter coming from within the house after the radio stopped making those noises. The television light began to fade in and out as well. Maxi and Ella, the cousins, dashed to the main entrance and began barking and growling at the unknown force making those strange noises.

They wanted to communicate that they were not afraid of anyone. When they returned to the couch to continue enjoying the treats and the show, everything went dark. The cousins hid under the couch, terrified of what was going on at home. Topi was the courageous one. He lit a lantern and went exploring throughout the house. Finally, he went downstairs to investigate.

When the cousins noticed Topi walking down to the basement, they decided to join him. They were startled to hear the witch-like laughter again. When they got to a dark corner of the basement, a light went on and they saw someone in a white cloth standing in front of them.

The three dogs bolted up the stairs, pursued by the enigmatic figure in white. The three dogs hid beneath the couch, and the white figure stood in front of them. The figure abruptly revealed her true identity to Topi and his cousins. Takku was Topi’s girlfriend, and she was pulling pranks on them. Finally, all four dogs started munching on the treats on the couch.

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Corgi pulls the most creative Halloween prank on her cousins.
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