These Cute Blind Auditions Feature The Most Adorable Kids On ‘The Voice’

Little Renata had me crying almost instantly. She looks absolutely adorable with her little pigtails and enormous glasses. Then she sings, ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ from Frozen. I could hear the pain of being rejected in nearly every note, and it broke my heart. However, she sounded like she could have been singing it on the soundtrack. What an astonishingly, talented little girl.

The next act up is Jimmy, and he sings ‘Parklife’ by English alternative rock band, Blur. His outfit is spot on with the original song video, kind of a ‘preppy rocker’ look. And it makes him look so cute! Watching this precious little boy sing some angry alternative rock music was about the cutest thing ever, or so I thought.

However, Ilyza was up next, and her vocals were so powerful. She also has the most stunning eyes! Mathis sings a French song, and his sweet brown eyes widen in excitement when the first chair turns. Just when you think you have seen all the cuteness you can handle, The Voice Kids throw a pint-sized Moana your way.

Victoria is quite petite! She’s wearing a pink silk gown and has a flower in her hair, but she belts out the lyrics to ‘How Far I’ll Go’ as if it’s easy! She finally makes a chair turn during the song’s final high note (but you’ll cry before that)! These kids all do an amazing job, and it’s hard to believe they’re all so young.

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These Cute Blind Auditions Feature The Most Adorable Kids On ‘The Voice’
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