Mama cat adores her adorable kitten.

Nothing could be cuter than discovering a newborn kitten with big black eyes in a wobbly head staring at you. Something similar was recently discovered at a Japanese residence. A newborn kitten was placed inside a box containing a white towel.

The kitten, Kiki, attempted to walk around the box on her little legs. Every step, though, required a lot of work from the kitten. Furthermore, the towel folds made it more difficult for the kitten to walk across.

When the owner noticed Kiki straining, he decided to massage her neck and head. The kitten’s eyes seemed to close gradually, indicating that she enjoyed her owner’s massage. Soon after, the owner took her up in his hands and placed her back inside the box. The mother cat had returned to her baby by this point.

While the infant wandered around the box again, she began licking her kitty. The kitty appeared to enjoy her grooming time. After a little break, the kitty chose to return to the box. She approached the box from one side and began scratching the box’s wall.

The kitty was fatigued from scratching. As a result, she decided to sit down and rest for a while. The kitten had been staring about with her wide black eyes the entire time. She soon fell asleep against her mother’s warm body.

The father cat was skulking around on the bed adjacent to the box where Kiki was resting with her mother. The father cat, too, decided to take a break and perched on the bed. His eyes soon began to close.

Kiki had been sleeping soundly against her mother’s body the entire time. For reassurance, the mother cat placed one paw on the kitten’s body. Finally, both mother and baby fell asleep within the box.

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