Heartbreak follows an inspiring American Idol audition.

Ace Stiles, 16, delivers a stunning audition that will break your heart. His distinct voice distinguishes him from the other talent, but it’s simply not his time yet.

Ace Stiles, 16, had no idea what was in store for him when he walked into the American Idol audition studio. Though he may not have obtained the desired outcome, he is undoubtedly strengthened by the experience.

Ace’s voice is mild, yet it has a distinct sound that distinguishes him from other teenagers his age. Though modest, his voice is confident and has a tone that is commonly associated with popular singer-songwriters today.

That is just what he is. He admits to having composed over 50 songs, and if any of them are as lovely as the one he performs in his audition, they could become successes one day.

Ace and his mother acknowledge to being transsexual throughout the interview section. Ace narrates the poignant and wholesome story of discovering his identity and how it freed him to be himself.

Unfortunately, the judges believe he isn’t quite there yet. They inform him that he will not be traveling to Hollywood. They do, however, leave him with words of encouragement: in a few years, he could be even more spectacular.

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Heartbreak follows an inspiring American Idol audition.
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