Babies burst out laughing when dogs do the loveliest things.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and that bond can begin as early as birth. These puppies appear to be enjoying the time of their lives entertaining

Baby and dog

The licking causes a lot of the laughter. In one video, a toddler walks back and forth between two dogs lying on a bed. They lavish kisses on the child as he moves from one dog to the next.

Another dog licks the baby’s snacks from her hand and high chair tray. The baby is overjoyed to have her dog clean her up and enjoys watching it lap up the crumbs.

Baby and dog

Other clips show the dogs simply having fun. One father stands in a backyard baby pool with his toddler. Their dog enjoys the cool water and goes back and forth in the pool.

Another dog entertains a crawling baby. He appears to be racing the baby to the dog cushion. Who will arrive first? The baby laughs and laughs, content to be pounded to the pillow.

Baby and dog

Another dog, a Golden Retriever, is very patient to oblige his human family. The baby sits on his father’s lap as the father asks the dog to lie down and then sit up. Each time the dog sits up and makes eye contact with the baby, the baby cracks up with laughter.

These clips show the belly laughs that our babies have with dogs. Having an animal in the house can be a source of great joy and fun for the whole family.

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