A 34-year-old Helsinki mother of 12 children explains how she manages to care for all of them.

Janis and Anna have been married for over 15 years. And they had 12 children throughout this time! Noise and din are always present in their home, yet the Adams spouses find contentment there.

The family had lived in a modest house with only one and a half rooms for many years. However, after the birth of the twelfth child, a millionaire presented the spouses with a large three-story house.

– Janis learned about my phone via a friend. He’d never seen me before, and I’d never seen him, but he chose to call anyhow. We talked on the phone for a long time before he volunteered to meet with me. We got together and talked. We didn’t like each other at first, – laughs Ekaterina. We had a little pause in our conversation. But six months later, serendipity reconnected us. At Christmas, we organized a youth gathering at the church. They started communicating like friends after that, and six months later they married. The Adams family presently has twelve children.

The Adams family and their children moved into their new house in October 2021. The family is still adjusting to their new surroundings. They haven’t been entirely renovated yet.

– It doesn’t make sense right now because the kids are still little. We still have people that hung the curtains and painted the walls. In general, Anna Adams jokes, “we don’t know what silence and order are.”

The children of Anna and Janis frequently quarrel, but an experienced mother has long found out how to deal with this.

– We have it all, quarrels and arguments. They are, however, children. They share toys, the last piece of cake, and mum and dad’s attention. They quickly reconcile, however. We have a very significant rule in this regard: we do not go to bed until we have made peace, explains the mother of numerous children.

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