“One-woman-band” stuns AGT with her incredible singing abilities.

America’s Got Talent is always full of surprises. When Mia Morris, 17, took the stage, there was undoubtedly some surprise at her performance.

Mia walks onto the stage, ready to show off her talent. She greets the judges and tells them she is from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s even open about her dislike of school.

When asked what she plans to do, she says she’ll play a song. But she won’t do it with just one instrument. Instead, she plans to play multiple instruments at the same time.

She explains that she will accomplish this by looping. She’ll record her performance with each instrument separately and then loop it with other sounds.

Judge Howie Mandell is intrigued and can’t wait for her to begin. Mia begins by grabbing a bass guitar. She then begins to beatbox.

The audience is already dancing to her tune. Even Terry Crews, who is standing nearby, is impressed.

Mia then selects a different guitar. She sings into a megaphone while playing. So far, the judges are enjoying it.

She then moves on to the drums. She begins to play while singing lyrics about her generation’s bad reputation. The audience applauds her musical abilities and the passion in her lyrics.

Her entire performance blends into a fantastic melody. The audience erupts in applause. The judges are astounded. During the performance, their smiling reactions reveal everything.

Howie Mandel speaks after the applause about Mia being a true star. He brags about her amazing technique and how he wishes he could see more of it.

Heidi is also enamored with the idea of a one-woman show. Sophia thinks it’s the most incredible performance she’s ever seen.

Simon, the harshest critic, even admits that it works. He thought the performance was sloppy. Having said that, the messiness of putting together a live song is what makes it so compelling.

All of the judges agree: Mia is fantastic! There are four yes votes. Simon admits Mia is a genius, destined for stardom due to her stunning originality.

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“One-woman-band” stuns AGT with her incredible singing abilities.
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