Toddler claims to enjoy Mom’s spaghetti.

This little girl must have an angel’s heart! We’re not sure if she despises spaghetti or if her mother is a terrible cook, but this isn’t a meal we’d want to eat.


This short clip, shot by Annie Wilkins (and featured on the MTV show “Deliciousness”), begins with a close-up of Annie’s daughter. She was given some of her mother’s spaghetti to eat.

“How are things?” Annie inquires of her daughter. “Good,” the little girl responds, though the expressions on her face suggest otherwise. Still, she manages to keep her cool for a while.


This charade, however, does not last forever, as the food attempts to fight its way back out only five seconds into the video. Fortunately for Mom, her daughter can coax it back down.

As she struggles to finish her meal, we can see a comedic mix of displeasure and determination on her face. The spaghetti tries to rise again, but she manages to overcome it.


“Are you all right?” Annie inquires, sounding slightly concerned. Her daughter laughs it off, telling her that she’s fine while keeping a straight face. She will not let the meal win.

We feel bad for laughing, but how determined this little girl is is absolutely hilarious. She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother, so she puts on a brave face even though the food isn’t to her liking. What a sweet display of affection!

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