At the age of 23, there are six infants. They had no idea they would be expecting triplets.

Chloe Dastan, an Australian woman who lives with her family, was overjoyed to learn she was expecting a child. An ultrasound scan revealed that the couple will eventually become the parents of three children at once rather than just one.

Doctors presented them with two options: force an early birth with all the risks involved, or save the lives of only two out of three infants. It was an extremely challenging decision. They didn’t want to kill any of the young children.

Despite the fact that their family already had three young children, Chloe and her husband were adamant on keeping all three.

It came time to give birth, and thankfully all three of the infants arrived in good health. True, the smallest of the triplets weighed only 600 grams after birth, and the mother and child had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks.

Chloe maintains her Instagram blog “chloeandbeans” – “Chloe and the beans”, in which she shares the life of her unusual family. The page has more than 350,000 subscribers who have supported it all the time.

If you find it difficult to get by with one or two children, look at the life of this family, they are really an example for many.

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