In 9 minutes, an American woman gave birth to six babies.

Thelma Chiaka of Texas married more than ten years ago. Although the couple wished to have children, the wife was unable to conceive for a long period.

When it became evident that they would be unable to have a child on their own, the couple opted to see a fertility clinic.

Thelma and her husband were overjoyed when they got the wonderful news. True, when an ultrasound revealed that the woman was carrying not one, but six babies, the couple became very concerned about the impending birth. When the deadline arrived, the woman in labor went to the hospital and stayed for a few days.

The doctors were astounded at how swiftly the babies were delivered. All of the babies were born within nine minutes.

The family consisted of two daughters and four sons. All of the neonates were perfectly healthy and only differed in weight slightly. The largest infant weighed 1300 grams, while the tiniest weighed 800.

Zina and Zuriel were given names by their parents right away. The couple has not yet decided on names for their four sons and has turned to relatives for assistance.

When the children reach a certain age and weight, they are allowed to return home with their mother. Following the publication of the information in local newspapers, it was discovered that the likelihood of such a birth is one in every 4.7 billion.

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In 9 minutes, an American woman gave birth to six babies.
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