A sweet phone chat between a baby girl and her imaginary buddy

To have a thorough conversation with your imaginary friend, you need a little creativity and a lot of youth. On a dream phone call, this youngster is having the time of her life.

If Oscars were given to children, Daisy would be a multiple-time winner. A toddler picks up the hotel phone and has a whole chat because he is bored. It takes some time to realize, but she is the only one on the line.

The acting is excellent, with enough pauses to make you feel she was speaking to a real person. Technically, she was conversing with her fictitious best buddy.

The most astonishing aspect of the video, though, is the mannerisms. The hand motions and body language indicate something unusual. That means she’s probably heard this conversation a million times at home.

Nobody knows whether Daisy is impersonating her older sister or her mother. The impersonation appears to be spot on, even down to being interrupted by her father when it’s time to depart.

This was sheer joy for the father, and he wasted no time in sharing it on social media. He probably laughed out loud when he learned his daughter had picked up certain household habits. It was a memorable aspect of a family vacation, and perhaps the first of many in the future.

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A sweet phone chat between a baby girl and her imaginary buddy
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