Alexa, 10, wows audition judges in seconds with ‘Girl On Fire.’

Alexa, you’re taking on an extremely difficult track for The Voice Kids auditions, but the risk is well worth it. Her dynamic presence and powerful voice created a statement on stage as she sang Alicia Keys’ chart-topping ‘Girl On Fire.’ Mel B was taken aback right away.

Alexa Sings Girl On Fire | The Voice Kids Australia 2014 - YouTube

Alexa Curtis gave one of the season’s most lively performances. She had no idea that her appearance on The Voice Kids would serve as a springboard to a career in singing and performing arts. With her faultless advancement through each level of each audition, we should all have known from the start that she was destined for greatness.

10-Yr-Old Nails Alicia Keys Hit, Stuns Judges With Incredible Voice.

With all of the judges eagerly awaiting her approval. This was the best decision she could have made, starting a journey that would carry her all the way to the finish. From the start, the young diva was a strong favorite, and countless admirers were overjoyed when she was declared champion with Mariah Carey’s breathtaking performance of ‘Hero.’

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Alexa, 10, wows audition judges in seconds with ‘Girl On Fire.’
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