A joy shared with a twin is a joy multiplied… VIDEO

Twins are surely a double dose of joy, but their parents agree that it is not always easy. There are some complications when you have twins. This list examines some of the most difficult aspects of having twins, from pregnancy to puberty. When parents have two children of the same age, there is a lot of pressure on them to maintain everything equally.

What you do for one must be done for another. You want them to have the same access to resources and opportunities as you do. And, basically, you want to avoid the appearance of favoritism or favoring one of the twins over the other. This can be a laborious task, ensuring that everyone gets their time, a fair quantity, and an equal portion.

Twins’ relationships are unique and complex. Geminis are individuals, but they are also members of the twin dynamic. Parents have a responsibility to develop their children as individuals, while the world wants to see its children as a group. Comparisons and contrasts come from all directions, and parents must fight their own tendencies to avoid contrasting the traits of one child with those of another.

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A joy shared with a twin is a joy multiplied… VIDEO