She was labeled “the most beautiful girl in the world,” and here is how she looks at 17 years old.

She was named “the most beautiful girl in the world” when she was three years old. What does she look like now that she’s 17?

Every child is lovely in their own way, but some have features that are so distinct that they are easily named the world’s most beautiful children. Thylane is one such child whose arrival took the world by storm.

This girl has captured the attention of everyone who has ever encountered her since the day she was born. Many modeling companies approached her when she was a kid because of her grey eyes and curly hair.

For some women, finding their position in the modeling industry and being a part of the world of fashion shows takes years of hard work and striving, but for Thylane, it all came naturally.

But, at the age of ten, she was already known as the world’s most beautiful child.

She was one of the rare youngsters her age who had the opportunity to pose for Vogue and appear on the covers of several renowned magazines.

Her family suffered harsh criticism at the time, with many believing that Thylane should spend her days with her friends, playing outside, and doing what other 10-year-olds do, rather than being continuously hauled to photoshoots, fashion shows, and various fashion events. Her parents did not let the hurtful statements influence their parenting.

Thylane wanted to try her hand at acting after becoming a household figure in the industry. Indeed, it was a lot of producers that wanted to work with her that pushed her to take the plunge.

Thylane returned to the fashion and beauty sector after acting in a film.

The tiny child has grown up. She was recently spotted in the south of France with her beau. According to the images from their vacation, they are clearly in love.

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She was labeled “the most beautiful girl in the world,” and here is how she looks at 17 years old.
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