The sweetest puppy and infant share all of their toys.

Jennifer Moore has a six-month-old baby named Elsie who enjoys playing with their 11-week-old puppy Mabel. Elsie and Mabel are like twins since they are always together.

Mabel adores resting on her back and playing with numerous colorful mobiles, much like a newborn. She enjoys prodding them and grasping them with her lips.

Elsie does the same thing, but she doesn’t bite. They may lie next to each other and play with the same toy. Mabel, even as a tiny puppy, has more movement.

It’s a cute sight to see them together. Mabel doesn’t always realize how big she is, and her paws get on Elsie when they’re next to one other.

Mabel rolls all over Elsie and she doesn’t seem to notice. She is trying her hardest to grab her toys and sit up and stay up like her playmate.

Mabel will hop inside Elsie’s baby bouncer when she isn’t in it and gnaw on the dangling toy as much as she can. Elsie has a lot to learn from Mabel, a feisty puppy.

Jennifer is obsessed with her attached pet and baby. She keeps a careful eye on them and documents every wonderful minute they spend together. Mabel and Elsie will eventually be running around together.

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