In 1975, Ron Howard married his high school sweetheart, and they are still in love and go on dates today.

They have been married for about 50 years. Some of us discover love in high school.

It’s a time when you’re steadily maturing and learning about relationships.

Some individuals believe that high school love fades away over time since you feel it when you are so young.

However, there are many who would argue that their high school relationship ended up being their true love.

One of these couples is Ron Howard and his wife, the legendary actor, director, and producer.

In high school, Ron Howard met his wife.

The 68-year-old celebrity was well-known for his numerous achievements in show industry.

He has been in the profession for decades, and his accomplishments have inspired many hopefuls who want to make it big in Hollywood.

Ron Howard has numerous medals and wins, but meeting the lady he would spend the rest of his life with is one of his most incredible victories.

He was just in 11th grade at the time.

At the age of 16, Ron met the woman of his dreams and she was also an 11th grader just like him.

Cheryl Howard has been behind Ron, supporting him in all his endeavors for the past 47 years.

The couple had an instant connection the moment they set eyes on each other.

Ron and Cheryl were very young, but it did not mean that what they felt was not true.

Their first meeting in high school was a moment that they both will never forget.

Their connection was instant and they knew it.

They immediately got to know each other better and after some time of getting acquainted, they went out on a date in 1970.

Ron relived the experience through an Instagram post 47 years after their first date.
He tweeted a snapshot of him and Cheryl tenderly hugging one other, with a stunning landscape behind them.

Even after over five decades of marriage, their cheerful grins show that they are still madly in love with one other.

In fact, the couple continues to go on dates.

They will have fun together and keep their love alive through the moments they share with each other despite having four children.

In a more recent post, Ron also shared a snapshot of him and his wife having a good time in London.

With his love tale, the celebrity never ceases inspiring people.
He also posted a photo of them while out for a stroll in a tropical jungle in Queensland.

They truly are “relationship goals,” don’t you think?

We can see how content they are together.

This couple is living proof that high school sweethearts can stay.

This only shows that love does not really rely on age.

If this couple can do it, other couples can, too.

Learn more about their long-lasting marriage in the video below!

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In 1975, Ron Howard married his high school sweetheart, and they are still in love and go on dates today.
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