A soldier’s mother returns home to surprise her daughter at a Wisconsin football game.

Military people have a difficult life. They must spend days away from home and their loved ones. Their lives are constantly under risk, and they rarely have time off from work.

A US Navy Captain, on the other hand, recently thanked her stars for allowing her to be a part of a special event in her daughter’s life. Captain Jane Renee Jr. Lund obtained permission from Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin, to surprise her daughter Bella.

Captain Lund worked as a veterinarian in the United States Army Reserve. She spent nearly six months in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s southernmost region. She arrived in the United States a week ago and arrived in Madison approximately thirty hours ago.

Captain Lund was born in Wausau, Wisconsin. She finished veterinary school in Stevens Point and her master’s degree in Madison. She admitted that the last time she saw her 13-year-old daughter was around her birthday in April.

The US Army Captain’s unexpected rendezvous with her daughter was strange. She wished she could sprint over to her kid and grab her. Instead, she sought to make the occasion unique for Bella.

The announcer during the football game named Bella and said that she was a die-hard Badgers supporter. He also mentioned Captain Lund to enable the audience get to know them better. Then, the mascot of the Wisconsin Badgers helped Bella wave at the crowd.

When Bella turned to face her mother, Captain Lund dashed for her daughter. This drove Bella to dash to her mother. Captain Lund grabbed and lifted her daughter. In front of 80,000 people inside the stadium, it was a magnificent moment for the mother-daughter combination.

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A soldier’s mother returns home to surprise her daughter at a Wisconsin football game.
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