Father and Son’s Epic Jedi Battle

Children are masters of drama and have enticing lovely tiny chubby faces. They enjoy playing games with their parents, siblings, or anybody else that is there. Kieren, a child, has learned the ability to act like a tiny Padawan from the classic Star Wars film and begins warring with his father.

Kieren hits his opponent, who is brandishing a green sword, with his red Jedi sword. He strikes his opponent (Dad) twice before being struck by the green sword. He then acts as if he is dying. He moves for a few steps before collapsing on the floor. His adorable chubby face is filled with terrible expressions.

This little performer should be recognized for his outstanding performance, replete with facial expressions. It is unusual to discover a tiny toddler that pays attention to such minor details. Kieren has advanced from the ranks of a Padawan to become the “Next Jedi” in any new Star Wars film.

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