A determined mother and father construct a custom wheelchair for their 7-month-old baby.

Kimberly and Brad Moore built a custom wheelchair for their 7-month-old daughter, Evelyn, after deciding they couldnā€™t wait for one. They followed an online tutorial, and it cost them around $100.

Evelyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of four months after developing a spinal tumor. This rendered her paralyzed below her arms; fortunately, she eventually recovered.

The doctors advised Kimberly and Brad to wait until Evelyn was two years old before having her wheelchair fitted. Evelyn’s parents refused to wait, and as a result, they now have a speed bump in their home.

Evelyn, according to her mother, is fearless in her wheelchair. A cutting board, castor wheels, and a Bumbo chair were used to make the wheelchair. It didn’t take Evelyn long to figure out how to use it.

Evelyn, according to pediatric oncologist Bev Wilson, is a happy child. Evelyn is constantly moving around, visiting nurses, and greeting the other children. She is similar to other children, but she is faster.

Evelyn walks on a treadmill a few times a week while wearing a harness. It has assisted her in improving bladder control, strengthening her immune system, and gradually gaining control of her lower body.

Kimberly and Brad work tirelessly to provide Evelyn with a normal childhood. They face numerous challenges, but Evelyn is content and getting healthier by the day.