When the family went to see the parents, they expected to see a baby. What they witnessed astounded them.

This couple is truly unexpected!

Unlike many parents, they decided to make the pregnancy and birth of their child…or…er… children a truly extraordinary event.

In the days leading up to the birth of a child, most parents rush to inform their loved ones about the gender of their child.

However, this is not about our couple.

They decided to surprise their relatives by not revealing that they were expecting twins.

They not only kept this information from their relatives, but they also refused to know the gender of their children before they were born.

The only thing they cared about during pregnancy was the health of their babies.

They clearly followed the doctor’s instructions and visited their gynecologist regularly.

All the rest of the young parents were not interested at that time.

After the twins were born, they decided to install video cameras in our house in advance, they invited their relatives to visit them.

They clearly did not expect to see such a violent and emotional reaction from their relatives.

These are really great moments that we want to share with everyone.

After all, happy and positive emotions are contagious.

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