A very touching story about how a family supported a sick child.

As you are aware, all babies are born with a partially formed skull.

But it’s not frightening because as the baby grows older, the bones gradually harden and everything returns to normal.

However, Jonas Gutierrez was unlucky.

He was diagnosed with plagiocephaly at the age of eight weeks.

In other words, a head deformity.

To correct everything, the baby must always wear a special helmet.

The family’s eldest daughter felt terrible for her brother and found a bicycle helmet to wear.

The parents were so moved by their daughter’s actions that the father of the family quickly put on a bicycle helmet as well.

And eventually, the entire family was wearing helmets.

When the Gutierases shared this photo on social media, many subscribers with relatives suffering from the same disease began to send them photos of their families wearing bicycle helmets.

We are hopeful that the baby will recover soon.

And finally I want to say: that there is nothing stronger than the support of your family!

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