Consider the baby’s reaction to his mother’s song.

It’s so touching and sweet. Babies are highly impressionable and emotionally charged! Take a look at the video’s hero, the baby, who pays close attention to how his mother sings. The most incredible thing is his heartfelt reaction to his mother’s song! The child simply couldn’t handle his emotions and burst into tears! Look! Children, it turns out, are the most beautiful miracle on the planet. Consider how many little people there are in the world.

Who extend their arms to everyone and think of everyone as good and kind. Little people who don’t care if your face is beautiful or ugly, who are ready to kiss everyone and love everyone – old and young, rich and poor. I long to be a child again. Children are unique. When they like someone, they simply approach them, hug them tightly, kiss them on the cheek, and say, “Let’s be friends.”

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