What does the boy who ruled the Internet three years ago look like now?

When a child is born, parents look for something unique about them, such as a birthmark.

Today’s hero was born with his obvious cuteness, which has made him extremely popular both online and offline.

Junior is the name of this child.

He surprised everyone, including the doctors and his parents, when he was born.

Junior was born with a beautiful head of hair that was both long and thick.

It seemed out of the ordinary.

According to the doctors, this is a temporary condition and the hair will fall out soon.

However, something went wrong…

Every month, more and more of them appeared.

The baby’s mother, Chelsea, recalls that she could not walk with him calmly, and they could not even go to the store normally.

Everyone admired the funny but at the same time his cute look.

Wherever they were, they were always surrounded by a crowd of people with requests to touch their hair.

Chelsea admits she was afraid to cut Junior’s hair because it was so special to her.

But she had to do it after three years.

Unfortunately, the density dissipated, but the boy remained as sweet and cheerful as ever.

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