They did not raise their children for 30 years, despite knowing about it.

Zhi Guohua gave birth to a son in Suichang Hospital in September 1983.

The next day, Lo Sukhoi gave birth to her son in the same department.

The children, like their mothers, were completely healthy, so they were discharged and sent home after three days.

Only after four years did it become clear that there had been an error at the maternity hospital.

“As our son grew older, we became aware that he was not like us.

Strange rumors started spreading among the neighbors.

“They even said our son resembled a nanny who worked for us rather than his legal parents,” Zhi recalls.

Guohua started working in a kindergarten the same year.

And she had already noticed that there was a boy in her group who resembled her husband.

This child was raised by Luo Suhui’s family.

When the woman returned home, she showed a photo of the boy to her mother-in-law, who also noticed the resemblance between her son and daughter-in-law.

Guohua was haunted by the thought that this was her son.

They eventually decided to conduct a DNA test.

And he confirmed her biggest fears.

Suhuy and Guohua filed a lawsuit against the hospital where they gave birth, but were able to achieve only meager compensation, about $ 150.

But this was already in the background, the main question: what to do with boys who are already 4 years old?

Zhi’s husband was sure that the child should be returned.

But the woman could not so easily give the baby, whom she raised for 4 years, as her own son, because he is the most native to her.

“Although we knew about the confusion, there was no way I could give up my non-biological son.

He wouldn’t want to go to another family anyway.”

The arguments raged on for a long time, but Zhi was able to persuade her family and the Suhuy family to continue living as before, leaving the children in the families where they grew up.

And when they’re old enough, tell them everything.

The families moved into nearby houses, and the boys became friends.

As a result, two families merged into one.

The boys went to see each other because they went to the same school.

In both families, they became relatives.

When the children grew up, they found out the truth, but they stayed in foster homes, no one wanted to return to the biological family.

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They did not raise their children for 30 years, despite knowing about it.
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