Brothers look after their newborn siblings… VIDEO

If there is an older brother or sister at home, this joy is multiplied with the arrival of the newborn. This happiness, however, brings with it a problem that we can address: jealousy. It is normal for an older brother or sister to be envious of a newborn brother or sister. Although this is a difficult situation for parents, pediatricians make them an offer that can help them resolve it: involve an older brother or sister in the care of the newborn. So, how could this be accomplished?

This week in Mom’s Land, we’ll discuss the significance of teaching an older sibling how to care for a newborn. Due to difficult feelings, especially jealousy, the older brother may become grumpy after the birth of a newborn. However, this is not a problem that cannot be solved; you may simply need to be patient while going through this process. Specialists and doctors agree on a single decision: to share responsibility for the newborn with the brother’s elder sister…

You will notice that taking care of one another will help family members improve themselves. This will create a peaceful environment in the family and allow children to grow up confident. This will strengthen family ties by increasing the sense of mutual aid and assistance among siblings.

What can we do to entice an older brother or sister to assist their parents in caring for their newborn sibling? Here are some pointers: During pregnancy, you should tell him about the upcoming baby and that he will be a brother or sister. You can positively excite him by emphasizing the value and significance of being a big brother or sister. You can show him older brothers and sisters in your family or in your immediate surroundings.

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Brothers look after their newborn siblings… VIDEO
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