Cats would like to sleep with the baby. They are best friends…

There are two schools of thought on this. Some believe that a cat can infect a child with worms, toxoplasmosis, lichen, and other dangerous diseases. A cat has no place in a child’s bed! Others say nothing, simply do not ask such a question, and the cat sleeps wherever he wants. This is most common in a family with many children and animals.

First and foremost, does the child get enough sleep when a cat visits him? Before going to bed, a cat usually lays down on its feet or on its head, or licks itself for a long time, and if you accidentally touch it, it begins to purr and touch with its paws. Children typically prefer to sleep with animals and may refuse to admit that a cat wakes them up or takes up space on the bed’s floor. It is necessary to monitor the child’s condition, including whether or not he slept.

Second, whether or not the cat goes outside. If you keep the cat at home all the time, feed it ready-made or thermally processed food, treat it for parasites on a regular basis, and clean it near the threshold, the risks are minimal. The likelihood of a domestic cat infecting a child with something is almost nil; the cat is more at risk here.

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Cats would like to sleep with the baby. They are best friends…
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