Cute babies attempting to imitate their fathers.

Dad was a good man. The modern world’s unsung heroes Sure, moms are wonderful, but dads deserve a lot of credit as well. They work tirelessly night and day to provide for their families, and when they have the opportunity, super dads are always willing to go above and beyond for their children. They teach valuable life lessons.

Teaching is a very rewarding profession. Especially when the students are eager to follow and even imitate. Just look at these wonderful fathers and their children!

In this adorable video, babies and toddlers do their best impersonations of their fathers. It’s one of those feel-good videos for anyone having a bad day, with over 14.3 million views and 155 thousand likes.

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Cute babies attempting to imitate their fathers.
After a few months of having four siblings, the couple was overjoyed to welcome Natural quadruplets.