The extraordinary story of a young single mother and her two young daughters

Lacey Dunkin from the United States is an extraordinary woman worthy of a film.

Lacey made the decision to become a mother at the age of 25, regardless of whether she was married or not.

After months of paperwork, she was offered the opportunity to adopt not one, not two, but four adorable sisters all at once in 2011.

Lacey consented without a second thought.

“I’m not sure why I answered yes so quickly, but I couldn’t help myself.” By the way, the girls already had a fifth sister, who was only a few months old at the time.

She was transferred right from the maternity hospital to be raised by another family.

The adoption procedure proved to be lengthy and difficult.

And then Lacey got a call from the girls’ birth mother with fantastic news: she’s pregnant with a girl again!

Of course, she called the foster mother and asked her to take the remaining daughter.

Lacey couldn’t say no in this situation…

Sophie (9 years old), Natalie and Melanie (7 years old each), Kylie (6), Lea (4), and Cecily (2) now live with a happy single mother (2 years old).

Lacey was even nominated for the Parenthood Dare this year, a special award granted for outstanding achievements in motherhood.

We mentally shake hands with this brave woman who did not allow the sisters to be separated and adopted all the girls at once

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