Not your typical twins and siblings

Maria and Lucy are twins, despite being of different races. People in their immediate surroundings frequently mistake them for pals. Twins from the United Kingdom have become famous due to an unusual circumstance – they are of different races.

Their father was European, and their mother was half Jamaican when the girls were born in 1997. The girls were first concerned and demonstrated their kinship, even showing birth certificates. “No one ever believes that we are twins because I am white and Maria is black. “Even when we dress alike, we don’t appear like average siblings,” the sisters claim.

Donna Douglas, their mother, says she couldn’t believe it either. They brought her a variety of girls. The sisters look different, and their personalities are radically different. All of the children in this extraordinary and outstanding family have varied skin tones!

“All of our elder brothers and sisters have a skin color that is similar to Lucy’s. That is, she and I are on opposite ends of the color spectrum, and they are somewhere in the middle,” Lucy explained. The girls are even relieved that they are so dissimilar. They are proud of their unusual appearance for twins.

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Not your typical twins and siblings
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