The couple planned to adopt triplets, and they now have six children!

Sarah and Andy Justice met in university and began a friendship that blossomed into a romantic connection. They married and hoped to have children. But the young family faced a setback when Sarah was unable to conceive. They were a little encouraged in the hospital because the doctors told the girl that she would only be able to get pregnant through IVF, but even here, regrettably, the possibility is quite low. Because this is an expensive operation, the Justices chose adoption over danger.

They located a pregnant mother who was willing to donate her child to an orphanage shortly after birth, and Sarah and Andy decided to adopt this girl or boy right away.

However, the couple was in for a surprise when the girl gave birth to triplets. She apparently did not tell about many pregnancies because she was scared that young people would abandon them.

But this did not frighten the Justices; rather, they were inspired, for they now have three at once – a true gift! While the couple was preoccupied with the triplets, God provided them a fresh source of joy: Sarah became pregnant, contrary to all medical projections! Soon after, twins — a boy and a girl – were born.

“It’s unbelievable!” We could only dream of having children a year ago, and now we have five!” Sarah shows no signs of sadness. Of course, it’s not easy; there are many anxieties, and Sarah and Andy have forgotten what it’s like to sleep properly, but that doesn’t matter because they are happy, because they have a large and powerful family, and you can hear the ringing laughter of tiny boys and girls.

But that’s not all, a year later a new Blessing awaited the couple — the “infertile” Sarah became pregnant again, and a boy was born. This story is another confirmation that miracles still happen!

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